Grass-Fed Yak - Alberta Yak Company

Grass fed yak from the Alberta Yak Company is grass born, grass raised, grass finished. Both grass and yak are chemical free thriving together in Alberta's Foothills. Yak meat is low in fat, high in Omega=3s, and tastes like extra beefy beef (without a hint of gaminess - yes our yaks have no game). Get your FREE yak meat quick guide!

New York Steak (238g)

Striploin/New York Yak Steak $49.95/Kg - $22.66/Lbs

Sirloin Steak (274g)

Sirloin Yak Steak $41.95/kg - $19.03/Lb

Sirloin Steak (289g)

Sirloin Yak Steak $41.95/kg - $19.03/Lb
AB Yak Co. is a collaboration of Little Loaves Farm and Thompson Small Farms. We raise our animals in a joint herd ensuring they get more care and attention than either farm could hope to offer them on our own. The header photo was taken by Erin Boukall (thank you Erin!)
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