Happy Yak: Quick Tips For Cooking

written by

Sarah Riedner

posted on

September 3, 2021

Yak meat might be still be fairly uncommon, but it IS gracing more family tables in Alberta with each passing season. Picturing these resourceful, shaggy beasts on pasture, snow, rain or shine, might make you stop and consider how much more suited they are to this climate than our iconic beef cattle. And they taste amazing! Think of them as a cousin to bison, but leaner, more beefy without the hint of gaminess.

We carry yak meat from the Alberta Yak Company, which is a collaboration between two fellow farms, Little Loaves Farm & Thompson Small Farms. They raise their animals in a joint herd ensuring they get more care and attention than either farm could hope to offer them on our own. The herd is kept near Sundre, Alberta. The yaks are raised start to finish on grass and natural forage. Both grass and yak are chemical free thriving together in Alberta's Foothills. Yak meat is low in fat and high in Omega=3s.

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