Ending Egg Subscriptions

written by

Sarah Riedner

posted on

June 26, 2023


Some very hard good-byes to come.

Effective immediately we will no longer be offering egg subscriptions or weekly delivery.

We have been struggling. More than that even. We are completely burned out. The toll that farming has taken on our mental, physical & family health is significant. Multiple mental health crises in the last 8 months are only one of the major red flags we've faced recently.

Beyond our health & family, inflation, cost of producing food for our customers, three long years of drought, along with our wonderful farmhand Amelia unexpectedly leaving us last week, have all compounded to make this huge change to our business.

Dramatically reducing our poultry operation to a small hobby flock, ending subscriptions (which began our business), and reducing frequency of deliveries were not easy decisions to make. Saying early goodbyes to our beloved chickens is harder still.

We understand that this might also mean we are saying goodbye to a number of customers. We have appreciated all your support, purchases, encouragements, and smiles over the years.

We ask for your patience and kindness during this difficult time.

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