Our Farm's Story

“City couple gets tired of a life in the tech sector. Longing for more hands on work, fresh air, simple living, and a way to contribute to the local food movement, they buy a farm. Faith filled & driven by a soulful desire to bring awareness to creation care, the couple {now a small family with the addition of their two sons}, embark on a journey, they’ll never forget.”

Heard that one before? Probably not. Although, by no means entirely unique, it’s not exactly the typical family story.

We are first generation farmers working on 153 acres near Carstairs, AB. Having not grown up on a farm, we bring some fresh & interesting perspectives to local agriculture. But we also face a HUGE learning curve and continual infrastructure builds. When we purchased the farm it was being used for grain crops, with no roads, utilities or even fencing! It was like a blank slate for us. Since then we have added perimeter & cross-fencing, a large dugout, road, utilities, barn, market garden, small passive-solar greenhouse, modest farm building, and farm store. We have also added livestock, keeping a flock of laying hens & ducks year-round and doing custom grazing for a local cattle rancher.

Our farm work primarily draws on regenerative agriculture practices, with the focus of improving the land by promoting soil health, regrowth and rebuilding an entire ecosystem. In the short time that we have been on our land, we have seen it go from heavy tilled, hard-packed soil with very little organic matter to vibrant mixed species in our pastures, croaking toads and salamanders. All good signs that we are on the right track! The work is far from done though...