Little Loaves Farm seeks to grow great food while caring for creation. We are a family farm, a collaboration of the talents, enthusiasm, and hard work of Jerremie, Rita, Emily, Joseph, Stephen, and Michael. We are just North of Sundre, Alberta. The farm is a mix of pasture, annual crops, timber, and perennials. The knob and kettle site and mixed pasture and woodland with views to the Rockies in the West and over looking Sundre to the South is a perfect place to spend one's days.

We take a chemical free holistic approach to growing. We increase depth and breadth of life to increase our yields, utilizing long term rotations, companion planting, green mulch, and a good deal of physical labour to make this possible.  We grow a mix of potatoes, grains, beans, and peas. We also grow great grass which keeps our beautiful herd of yaks feed, healthy, and happy.