Ground Yak (0.465Kg/1.025Lbs)

Ground Yak (0.465Kg/1.025Lbs)

Ground Yak- $2.15/Kg - $9.75/Lbs

Ground yak can be handled just like ground beef. Well with one exception, there is a good chance you will be able to skip that whole step where you have to poor the fat off when you finish browning it. Yak compared to beef has very little intermuscular fat, in part because the yaks deal with cold not through fat but through their coats of long guard hairs and soft curly winter coats.

If you want hamburgers, or meatballs, or meatloaf, this is the cut you want. It is made from trimmings from the other steaks and roasts. Trimmings however that don't have a great deal of extra connective tissue, so it has good texture and utility and really takes seasoning well. It does not have a great deal of fat though, and we don't have fat added back in. This is a real plus making it well suited for a number a of uses, but it might be much leaner than you are used to if you normally get ground hamburger from a grocery store.

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