Little Loaves Farm Yak: sausage

Grass fed yak from Little Loaves Farm is grass born, grass raised, grass finished. Both grass and yak are chemical free, and thriving together in Alberta's Foothills. Yak meat is low in fat, high in Omega=3s, and tastes like extra beefy beef (without a hint of gaminess - yes our yaks have no game). Get your FREE yak meat quick guide!

Beer Sausage (100% Yak)

Beer Sausage (100% Yak) - $12.50/pack of 4 sausages


Bratwurst (100% Yak)

Bratwurst Sausage (100% Yak) - $12.50/pack of 4 sausages


Garlic Ring (100% Yak)

Garlic Ring (100% Yak) - $16/pack of 1 sausage/ring


Honey Garlic Pepperoni (100% Yak)

Honey Garlic Pepperoni (100% Yak) - $16/pack of 8 sausages


Hot dogs (100% Yak)

Hot dogs (100% Yak) - $12.50/pack of 8 sausages


Kielbasa (100% Yak)

Kielbasa (100% Yak) - $16/pack of 1 sausage/ring


Pepperoni Sticks (100% Yak)

Pepperoni Sticks (100% Yak) - $16/pack of 8 sausages


Smokies (100% Yak)

Smokies (100% Yak) - $12.50/pack of 4 sausages

Little Loaves Farm is a family owned and operated by Jerremie, Rita, and her two brothers Stephen and Michael. They acknowledge that they live in, on, and by the traditional territories of the Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta, including the Stoney Nakoda, Tsuut’ina First Nation, and the Blackfoot Confederacy. They also acknowledge that while their family is tied to Scotland, Ukraine, and China, they have in the past, and continue today, individually, and corporately, to profit by the broken relationships and diminishment of shalom in these lands. In response they strive with both patience and zeal to find new ways to only take what is offered and increase shalom in all creation.