Pasture Raised Chicken - Liver 1.4lbs

Pasture Raised Chicken - Liver 1.4lbs

1.4 - 1.5lbs, Frozen
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We're taking a break from raising meat birds in 2023. So once we sell out, we won't have more in stock until 2024/2025. Thanks for understanding.

Chicken livers are loaded with nutrients and worth trying if you've never cooked them up before. Most recipes are fairly simple and only use a few ingredients to pull off a tasty liver dish.

About our chickens:

Our meat birds are a special heritage breed that is a slow-growing variety called Mistral Gris (they take about 12 weeks to get up to butcher weight, as opposed to more common breeds that only take 6-8 weeks). We get them as day-old chicks and raise them in a warm brooder in our barn until they are big enough to move out onto pasture. There, they live in a mobile coop that we move weekly to fresh grass. They graze on pastures of alfalfa & clover and enjoy catching bugs, napping in the sun, and taking dust baths in the dirt.

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