Pepperoni Sticks (100% Yak)

Pepperoni Sticks (100% Yak)

Pepperoni Sticks (100% Yak) - $16/pack of 8 sausages


Save $4.00

This a fully cooked sausage, so no need to cook it before you eat it.

Of all the sausages the humble pepperoni stick might be most popular.  You may have heard that the Haggis is the King of the sausage race (and we won't argue, a good haggis is an incredible thing) but is sausages had a democracy I am sure the pepperoni stick would capture the popular vote.  These pepperoni sticks are flavourful without being hot and make an incredible snack, lunch item, or topping on mini pizzas.  The Meat Chop is where we have our pepperoni sticks prepared and we very happy with what they have crafted with our Yak.