Kielbasa (100% Yak)

Kielbasa (100% Yak)

Kielbasa (100% Yak) - $16/pack of 1 sausage/ring


Save $4.00

This a fully cooked sausage, so no need to cook it before you eat it.

We love kubasa with our pedaha (aka perogy, but they have always been pedaha to us).  This 100% kielbasa fist the bill, its has all the spice, garlic, and light smoke you could want.  It will be great as the protein in a meal, cut in a bun, even sliced and fried in to delightful kub-chips  (which are sort of like potato chips, but obviously much meatier).  Nathan over at Savory Meats in Sundre is responsible for our Kielbasa and we couldn't be happier with them.  Probably the best garlic sausage you can find this side of Mundare.