New Year, New Site

February 14, 2021

It might be a New Year, but this change has been coming for months! In fact, a chunk of 2020 was spent trying to find a new platform that would better suit our family farm business and customers. There are a handful of agriculture specific platforms to choose from, and dozens of regular e-commerce choices, but test after test and meeting after meeting, nothing was perfect. Also, lets be honest, the thought of switching mid-year during COVID, was down-right scary. But we landed HERE, on GrazeCart!

We hope it gives our customers a much improved purchasing experience, makes ours lives a little easier on the back end, and helps us bring NEW products to you! That's right, we have a list of new local, pasture-raised food & surprises coming in over the next 2-12 months! I know waiting is hard, but happy critters take time to grow, live and finish.

You can follow day-to-day adventures on our Instagram, and keep up with big news here.

Sarah Riedner
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