Farm Christmas FREE Download

December 19, 2021

Our little gift to you this Christmas! I had a lot of fun making this FREE download set, featuring our very own farm animals. Colouring time is a cherished time at our house, whether it's sitting down all together to have some quiet time or finding a calm spot to colour by ourselves.

With the kiddos on Christmas break from school now, I thought we might all need a little extra "help". These colouring pages & word search are an easy print & sit activity.

Do you look forward to more time with the kids, dread the inevitable calls of “boredom” & craziness, or count down the days for when they go back? It’s usually a bit of a mix bag for us. I definitely like the years where they have more time off *after* Christmas than before… and this isn’t one of those years. We’ll find our way out to the farm to help break up the crazies, along with Christmas light walks, snow games, and baking!

Get the FREE Farm Christmas download NOW!

Sarah Riedner

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