Pasture Raised Chicken Feet

Pasture Raised Chicken Feet

$10.00 /lb.
Avg. 4 lb.

New Flock Growing!

Good things take time, but worth the wait. Our next batch of meat birds will be available in July.

Nothing should go to waste! Especially on these ethically raised chickens. We saved the feet and have them bagged up ready for boiling or feeding to your dogs.

About our chickens:

Our meat birds are a special heritage breed that is a slow-growing variety called Mistral Gris (they take about 12 weeks to get up to butcher weight, as opposed to more common breeds that only take 6-8 weeks). We get them as day-old chicks and raise them in a warm brooder in our barn until they are big enough to move out onto pasture. There, they live in a mobile coop that we move weekly to fresh grass. They graze on pastures of alfalfa & clover and enjoy catching bugs, napping in the sun, and taking dust baths in the dirt.