Elderberry Infused Maple Syrup

Elderberry Infused Maple Syrup

200 ml
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Authentic Indigenous Maple Syrup!

This unique maple syrup comes from a 100% Indigenous female-owned company, Wabanaki Maple, located on Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick. There, they are harvesting, boiling & refining maple syrup to encompass the land's cultural fabric & taste.

Elderberry Infused Maple Syrup is a blend of the distinct tartness of the elderberry and earthy sweetness of Wabanaki Maple Syrup. It can be used for more than pouring over waffles (although that is delicious too)! Add to your baking, desserts, preserves, charcuterie boards or cocktails... be creative & relish this traditional ingredient.

Flavour: Sweet, Fruity, Earthy

Aroma: Rich, Floral, Cozy

Pairs With: Pastries, Desserts, Charcuterie Boards, Waffles