Beewax Food Wraps - Assorted Patterns

Beewax Food Wraps - Assorted Patterns

Pack of 3

Zero waste, reusable, antibacterial, compostable & plastic free!

These beeswax food wraps are a great alternative to wrapping food in plastic. The wax & resin creates a breathable fabric that with the warmth of your hands molds to the shape & sticks to itself!

Made in Canada by real beekeepers! Made from 100% cotton muslin fabric, pure Canadian beeswax, tree resin, propolis from Eastvan Bees & organic jojoba oil.

Eastvan Bees is a honey-based business in Vancouver, where they work with hive host homeowners & community gardens throughout neighborhoods of Vancouver.

Variety pack of 3 different sizes & various patterns:

Small: 8"x8" (Wrap half of a lemon, the end of a cucumber or a small bowl)

Medium: 11"x11" (Wrap half a sandwich, baked goods, cheese, or cover a bowl)

Large: 14"x14" (Cover a large bowl, pie dish, sandwich or half a watermelon)