Tenderloin Yak Steak (0.215Kg/0.474Lbs)

Tenderloin Yak Steak (0.215Kg/0.474Lbs)

Tenderloin Yak Steak $85/Kg - $38.56Lbs
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Tenderloin steak works incredible well prepared on the stove top with a hot pan, butter, and high heat. The tenderloin is the most tender cut available. Tenderloin steak is also known as filet mignon, a cut that doesn't much more than butter, salt, and pepper. You can expect our tenderloin yak steaks to be soft, juice, and flavourful. It is the most incredible cut, and the tenderloin is not a large muscle, so the number you get with each yak is limited. They are really something special.

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