Grass-Fed Beef - Quarter - Deposit

Grass-Fed Beef - Quarter - Deposit

Quarter Beef, Deposit

Thank you for carefully considering your decision to purchase our grass-fed beef. Once this deposit is processed, your quarter steer will be secured. Remaining amount owing will be due upon pickup of your beef in April.

Here are details regarding our beef orders:


We will be selling in bulk, not by individual cut. It will be $13/lbs, meat wrapped & frozen. Since we don't know the final weight of each of our steers, we can't say the final price for certain. We have given an estimate of each, with quarters ranging from $1170 - $1560. *Please Note - Steer 35 is a very BIG boy! Quarters will run closer to $1560.

Amount of meat?

You will be provided with a variety of cuts, plus ground beef. Quarters will range from 90-120lbs of beef (typically 4 cu ft freezer space).

Deposit required?

Yes, we will require a deposit to be paid immediately to hold your half or quarter order. Since we are only harvesting three steers at this time, there is a limit to what will be available (our own household is taking a half). $250 will need to be paid for the deposit. The deposit will be removed from the total owing, once the weights come in. You will need to pay the balance remaining at day of meat pickup.

Can we change our mind after the slaughter date?

No. In fact, changing your mind once a deposit is paid, will be difficult. We are choosing to enact our On-Farm Slaughter Permit to harvest these steers. More info below on why & how it works, but simply put, you are actually purchasing a quarter or half of the live animal. Yes, you are purchasing the animal, not the meat. Which means, once the paper work goes through, that part of the animal is yours. If you change your mind, no one else can purchase or consume that meat, not even us as the farmers. None of this is meant to scare you off, on the contrary, we hope it shows the seriousness of local food production. Please consider your decision carefully.

Slaughter date?

March 7, 2024 (very soon)!

Meat Available for pickup?

You'll need to have your freezers ready at the end of March, early April. The beef will hang for 4 weeks following slaughter & butcher.

On-Farm Slaughter? This was made available during COVID to help farmers have their livestock slaughtered on-site at their farms. There are many limitations to the permit, but it does allow us to chose the most humane and calm death for our livestock. We have hired a provincially licensed slaughter operator & butcher to carry out the task. He will move the meat to his facility for hanging, parting, and packaging. Each package will say the scary words "Uninspected Meat - Not For Sale". Again you are purchasing the live animal, not the butchered meat, so none of us can re-sell the meat, it needs to be consumed by the household that purchases the animal.

We know that food production regulations can be confusing. It's our business to navigate them, so if you have more questions, we are happy to discuss it with you! Email us: